• Elizabeth Preston

The Land Of The Brave

I've been to Scotland! It was a dream of mine, to visit the place I've written about in four romance novels, four and counting. Of course it was a fab holiday - four weeks of travelling around and spending money - what's not to love? 

But I have to admit that I was a teeny bit disappointed sometimes too. I never did see any rugged, kilt-wearing highland men stomp over the heather, looking for trouble.

Never mind. They are there in droves, inside my head. I've recently written about another Highlander, a cheery yet tough mountain of a man called Bern. He's the hero in my latest release titled, Snowflakes in Summer.  The book is out on presale on Amazon right now. I mightn't have found Bern in Scotland but I did find other great things. The place is to die for. (insert photos here)

Happy reading and dreaming.


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