• Elizabeth Preston

What The Fig?

I’ve been drooling over my baby figs for months now. My small fig tree is usually a great little producer. I get more than a dozen juicy fat black figs from my meter high tree. So, when the figs suddenly swelled and softened in the hot sun,  my greedy fingers plucked the babies from the vine and rushed for the chilled white wine.

I ripped the first one open and was just about to take a bite. But something was horribly wrong. Every one of my figs were brown and wizened inside. If anyone knows what happened, please let me know. I suspect fruit flies. I’ll take my revenge on the flies next year, no holds barred.

Something else happened yesterday too. I was inside my vegetable cage harvesting yellow tomatoes when I felt something itch my leg. That’s not unusual for me. I’m a magnet for all forms of mosquitoes and biting insects. So I brushed my hand over my leg and carried on. But the tickle didn’t go away. I looked down and saw a giant black hairy Huntsman spider above my knee, heading for the leg opening of my shorts.It was a seriously yuk moment.

I do not have a spider phobia and I also know that Huntsmen are not poisonous but I draw the line at letting them crawl up the leg of my shorts. Why is everything in the country so large?

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