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My Scottish Highlander Romance

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My book is called Hemlock And Honey and is set in medieval Scotland in 1244. This was a time when superstition and curses ruled peoples lives; it was their way of explaining the unexplainable.

In Hemlock and Honey, the folk of Caithness Castle are ravaged by illness. They are suffering from a type of fungal crop poisoning called Ergotism. A few hundred years on, and the resulting illness has a new name-St Anthony’s Fire.

Every now and then, somewhere in the world, ergot poisoning sneaks into our bread production, and cases of St Anthony’s Fire are reported.

Here’s the cover and the blurb. Hope you enjoy my book.


Scottish Highlands 1244

A great sickness is striking down the Highland folk of Caithness Castle. They are dying from ergot poisoning, from eating infected crops. But this is the year 1244, and almost no one has heard of this condition, a disease later called, St Anthony’s Fire.

Desperate to save his clan, Laird Gus turns to a soothsayer for answers. The mystic tells him to hunt down and capture a special Sassenach lady. He must find a young woman with God given healing gifts. Laird Gus tracks down Lady Sybilla and kidnaps her. Only trouble is, she keeps insisting that she has no magical abilities, nor healing skills of any sort. She’s not even clever with herbs. He has captured the wrong girl. English Lady Sybilla might not have the ability to break curses and cure a castle of folk, but she is clever. And cleverness turns out to be exactly what he needs.

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